SOUNDSEEING V – Sound Art in the Media

Press Review of the Sound Art Series 2014

»Wunderwaage entscheidet über Gewicht von Musik«

Exhibition:  Sound Art in »Cuba«

Münster – What has more weight: a pop song or a Wagner opera? This can now be checked precisely with Hans W. Koch’s »Apparat zur Bestimmung des relativen Gewichts von Musik«…

Münstersche Zeitung | 06.05.2014 | by: Günter Moseler

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»A Slightly Creaking Poetry of Sounds«


Gravenhorst / Kreis Steinfurt

Gravenhorst / Kreis Steinfurt – Great opening of the »SOUNDSEEING V« series at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst: Deep sounding saxophones, a percussion sculpture, »Klöpperböden« and exceptional sound poetry merged to a acoustically and visually inspiring evening…

Westfälische Nachrichten | 09.03.2014 | by: Sunhild Salascheck

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»Münsterland transforms into an extensive region of sound«

Sound Art Exhibition Opened at Stadt-Galerie Ahlen

Ahlen – Visual art is audible. »SOUNDSEEING« is proof to that. For Prof. Stephan Froleyks, province is not defined by the map, but by a state of mind…

Westfälische Nachrichten | 05.03.2014 | by: Dierk Hartleb

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»Distrust Your Ears«

SOUNDSEEING V in Münsterland – Music in NRW 7/14

Ruhrgebiet – KA sound art festival in a provincial region? Not at all. In the fifth edition of sound art series »SOUNDSEEING« nationally and internationally renowned artists get together… | 26.06.2014 | by: Peter Ortmann

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»A Touch of Sound«

Ruhrgebiet – The sound art objects of artist José Antonio Orts, born in Valencia in 1955, are defined by their subtlety. By means of sensors, the delicate compositions of Orts enter into a dialogue with their surroundings. Whenever these sensors detect a breath of air or a shadow they answer with creaking and whispering sounds… | 21.07.2014 | by: Maxi Braun

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