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SOUNDSEEING VII – The Art of Listening

March to October 2019 – Sounds to See in Münsterland

Extraordinary sounds at cultural venues across Münsterland – that’s what distinguishes »SOUNDSEEING« as a unique sound art series in Germany. Top-class sound art can be heard in authentic places in the city of Münster as well as in all districts of Münsterland, from Oelde to Heek and from Hörstel to Bocholt. Once again, for the sound art festival’s latest edition in 2019, internationally acclaimed artists such as Nico Parlevliet, Simon Rummel, Dodo Schielein, Denise Ritter, Paul Plamper, Franziska Windisch or Erwin Stache engaged with special cultural venues through the means of sound art. They enchanted those venues with poetic sound objects, ambient sound installations, public audio play performances and novel instruments. In order to deepen the listening process, experiential workshops and lectures on the world of sound took place in five Münsterland cities in cooperation with the foundation Stiftung Hören – music, improvisation, technology and experimental joy made the cities resound!

Stephan Froleyks | Curator SOUNDSEEING
Antje Valentin | Landesmusikakademie NRW

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SOUNDSEEING – Programme Categories 2019

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Exhibitions | Installations

Can doors tell stories and make music? They can, if that’s what the sound artists want! At SOUNDSEEING 2019, Erwin Stache took on this very task in DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst.
At the same time, Denise Ritter and Franziska Windisch examined the ancient building’s particular acoustic qualities. In- or outdoors, kinetic sound appliances made from everyday objects, old pianos in Burg Vischering’s inner courtyard, sound trees in the garden of Burg Nienborg, aeolian harps on the kubaai premises in Bocholt or Nico Parlevliet’s sound bubbles in the Kunsthalle Haverkamp in Münster: SOUNDSEEING VII presented »sounds to see« of numerous internationally acclaimed sound artists like Pierre Berthet, Claus van Bebber, Torsten Bruch, Stephan Froleyks, Dodo Schielein and Ralf Schreiber.


Concerts | Performances

SPLASH Percussion NRW’s young superdrummers dazzled their audience with radically rhythmic sounds of drums, gongs and everyday instruments. ROTATIONS is what double bass quartet »Sequoia« are calling their improvisation concept revolving around movement, rhythm and the organised variety of sounds and noises. The duo of saxophonist Jan Klare and Wolfgang Heisig, instrumentalist on the self-playing piano Phonola, combined free melodies with previously fixed piano cascades; on squares throughout Münsterland, Paul Plamper created a 20-channel audio-play world about the fear of the foreign – once again, SOUNDSEEING delighted with an unheard-of concert and audio performance programme worth listening to. Novel acoustic worlds, experiments, wit and zest, acoustic colours ranging from comical to mystical – avant-garde and jazz enthusiasts enjoyed themselves to the full in castles, gardens, cities and the countryside.

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The workshops of the sound festival’s 2019 edition focussed on making music, experimenting with sounds and on exploring hearing as a phenomenon. Featured in the programme: »Ein Orchester dirigiert sich selbst«, a workshop held by members of the WIO (Wuppertal Improvisation Orchestra) that concluded with concerts in Heek and Bocholt as well as »Experimentelles Hörspiel« in Heek, a five-day workshop with Hubert Steins.

Carried out in cooperation with the foundation Stiftung Hören, the general programme »HÖREN für Grundschulen« aimed at promoting sensory and listening skills, at stimulating the imagination and creativity and at opening ears to music and the acoustic world. Language education, inventing stories and creating audio plays were also elements of the workshops directed at elementary school pupils as well as elementary and nursery teachers.