SOUNDSEEING – Das Programm 2021

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07.03. – 25.04. | WEAVING

Sound Installations by Christina Kubisch

Start of the Münsterland Sound Art Festival!

Weaving – updated version Kloster Gravenhorst 2021 – is a site-specific installation with copper cables resembling an oversized loom in their entirety. While moving freely between the cables suspended from wooden structures, visitors may use special induction headphones to listen to the sounds circulating through the copper cables. In the works for Kloster Gravenhorst, these sounds consist of recordings of power looms (in Textilmuseum Bocholt) and of the digital texture of electromagnetic fields from the world wide web, sounds that are usually not audible. They were recorded in various countries, in technically advanced metropolises in particular, using special headphones with copper coils.
Each of those 16 »looms« has its own programme of alternating electric currents and rhythms of industrial looms. As early as in the 19th century, punched cards were used as a precursor to the computer-controlled processes that are common in the textile industry today. Industrialisation and digitalisation appear as processes that can be heard in ever-changing sequences. The visitor roams through the sixteen cable structures and weaves together his or her own acoustic patterns and sound experiences by means of magnetic induction. The activity of weaving, once associated with meditative craftsmanship or the delicate webbing of spiders, today has become increasingly distant from the former craft. Industrial production processes and refined electrical communication machines that one would not normally come into contact with become audible and tangible in the installation. The origin of the term »weaving« is questioned and reinterpreted.
Various movements in the room generate individual listening experiences and sound overlays; the listeners themselves become active co-authors of the acoustic events.

> Virtual Tour on YouTube

More installations by Christina Kubisch at DA, Kunsthaus: FESTPLATTEN – Gravestone Fragements, UV light, fluorescent pigment – im Rempter, »Silent exercizes« in the vaulted cellar and the sonagrams »Analyzing Silence« – a visualization of the word »silence«, individually or repeated several times.

Open to the public by appointment from 12 March!
Address: DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst | Klosterstraße 10 | Hörstel

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01.05. - 17.07. »global drifting« / »lost waves«

Sound Installations by Frauke Eckhardt

Frauke Eckhardt creates open-air works at the kubaai park in Bocholt and at the LWL-Industriemuseum TextilWerk.

The three containers of her interactive sound installation “global drifting” are positioned in a loose row along the course of the water and point beyond their actual location. Each container transports a soundscape related to a specific aspect of the global textile economy – production, transportation and living environment. Visitors can trigger various stored sounds via the distance sensors that are placed on the container walls. Acoustic atmospheres are generated through individually designed combination and aesthetic condensation and transposed into Bocholt’s urban space – the acoustic texture weaving through time and space opens up associative spaces and creates interpretative transformations.

kubaai outside area | Bocholt

Kindly supported by FEMNET e.V.

The sound installation »lost waves« in the Weaving Shed commemorates the unique history of the weavers. In the course of their professional lives, quite a few of them suffered from profound hearing loss that started with the loss of high frequencies and led to an increasing isolation. The eight-channel composition plays on the wooden roof truss of the Weaving Shed and produces the soft, high-pitched sounds of worn-out machines and mechanisms. Individual sound sequences as well as sound migrations, interweavings and multi-layered sound surfaces create reverberations through the luminous white of the roof truss. By means of hidden sensor-driven control, the visitors’ actions have the potential to irritate the course of events and their own participation.

Weaving Shed | LWL-Industriemuseum TextilWerk | Bocholt
Opening hours: Tue – Sun, public holidays 10 – 18 h
Please inquire in advance about the current requirements for a visit to the museum:

> Virtual of Opening on YouTube

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28.05. - 30.05. | »poor montage« Workshop Ralf Schreiber

autonomous kinetic sound installation at the Kulturcamp | Kloster Bentlage | Rheine

On a large table there are various mostly small objects: bamboo sticks, tin pieces, rubber bands, toy instruments, springs, small motors and a lot of cables. Ralf Schreiber plays with these objects, that is, he arranges transient structures that are driven by small motors or spring mechanisms and that are amplified by contact microphones. The smallest movements and interactions continuously create new rhythmic patterns and peculiar sounds. A lot of this eludes any kind of controlled play forming an exploratory process and a permanent improvisation through those stubborn constructs.

Introduction of the Workshop: 28.05.
Kulturelle Begegnungsstätte Kloster Bentlage | Bentlager Weg 130 | 48432 Rheine

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30.05. - 20.06. »Musikmaschinen und Klangapparaturen«

Sound Parcours by Christof Schläger

Crackboxes, Whupi, Clapper, Chromix, Typedrum, Brauser, Schwirrer and a Hopper – Christoph Schläger uses a variety of unusual acoustic sound objects to stage his sound parcours at Hawerkamp. The sound artist finds inspiration in sounds and noises he encounters in his living environment. The resulting world of sound is inspired by this inspiration and also by the technical aspects of its production. It comprises metallic sounds, buzzing, whirring and whistling noises, clicks, rattles and bells – and even tones.
A realm of experience opens up that emphasises the inherent value of these sounds and reveals their beauty. In Christof Schläger’s compositions, technical devices and sounds mutate into figments of a fantasy that gives rise to something completely new.

Opening: 30.05. | 12.00 h
Live concert with Christof Schläger in his exhibition: 13.06. | 16.00 h
Finissage with concert and catalog presentation: 20.06. | 16.00 h

Exhibition hall Hawerkamp | Am Hawerkamp 31 | Halle B | Münster
Fri 16 – 20 h | Sat 15 – 20 h | Sun 12 – 18 h
Admission free



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13.06. – 12.09. »Music for Ears« – Listening Instruction | »Body Music«

Installations by Dodo Schielein | Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck

Until September, sound artist Dodo Schielein’s two installations »Music for Ears« and »Body Music« let the audience experience listening instructions that change one’s perception of ambient sounds and offer a sound experience of one’s own body.

Dodo Schielein has been living and working in Hamburg since 1992. She studied communication design and fine arts with Henning Christiansen at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg and attended seminars on composition and music theory with Manfred Stahnke and others. Activities as a composer, sound artist and visual artist.

Opening: 13 June as part of the exhibition »Sound Ortungen Nottbeck«
Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck | Landrat-Predeick-Allee 1 | D 59302 Oelde



12.06. + 13.06. Talking Horns – live & Open Air

DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst | Heimatverein Altenberge

Achim Fink, Andreas Gilgenberg, Bernd Winterschladen, Stephan Schulze – The show must blow on!
The Talking Horns s use their instruments to »tell« highly entertaining stories from the past, present and future. Mind and gut are equally catered to: unheard-of for purists and pigeonholers. The repertoire is growing persistently, as is the community of friends of acoustic art.
Razor-sharp horn sections alternate with lyrical passages and occasionally the musical horizon also reflects avant-garde chamber music. The Talking Horns achieve orchestral density by permanently changing roles. And what does jazz mean to the Talking Horns: »To use all means available with all their possibilities and to use them in terms of composition, improvisation and enclosure.«

12 June at 19 h | Heimatverein Altenberge
Gooiker Platz | 48341 Altenberge | Admission free

13 June at 17 h | DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst
– on »Day of Garden & Parks«
Klosterstraße 10 | 48477 Hörstel | Admisson free

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13.06. – 04.07. | »Sound Ortungen Nottbeck« – Wort | Klang | Natur

Klasse Klangkunst-Komposition der Hochschule für Musik Mainz

Danbi Jeung | Anahita Ghasemi Nasab | Juan Bermudez | Christopher Dahm | Stefan g. Fricke | Wingel Mendoza | Meike Borchers*

»Ortungen« designates Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck as a temporary sound art venue. Here, in the course of a creative camp, sound artists are developing special SOUND ART works, tailored to this location and the possibilities of experiencing art in Corona times. Inspired by the Museum of Literature, sound art objects involving language are coming into being: sound beams are transporting texts into the distance, revolving book pages are talking about themselves, sound poetry is resounding from Mexican clay vases. Other works are featuring the ecological environment: sound islands are creating sonorous outdoor spaces, grain sounds are dripping from drainage pipes, solar amphorae are resounding near the water, combined with acoustic reflections from the terrace.
Supervision: Prof. Peter Kiefer | Prof. Stefan Fricke | Klgr. Andres Bosshard | Joshua Weizel | Jim Igor Kallenberg
*Master Student of Professor Dieter Kiessling, KHM Mainz

The CREATIVE CAMP SOUND ART was honoured by the Gutenberg Lehrkolleg of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz as an innovative teaching project.

Opening: 13 June, 11 h | 12 June: »FireFly« participatory event using smartphones approx. 22 h

Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck | Landrat-Predeick-Allee 1 | D 59302 Oelde



> Invitation as PDF

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14.06 – 21.06. | »ears & eyes« – Positions of Young Sound Art

Sound Art Composition Class of Mainz School of Music

Danbi Jeung | Anahita Ghasemi Nasab | Juan Bermudez | Christopher Dahm | Stefan g. Fricke | Wingel Mendoza | Meike Borchers*

Works focusing on the interplay of sound and image have been created especially for the Kunstverein Münsterland in Coesfeld: the sound of falling coffee beans is placed in a political context; circling leaves are creating the most subtle sounds on the wall; interactive, computer-controlled turntables are translating colours into sounds; graphic works are evoking inner listening and they are bearing witness to an artistic long-distance dialogue in Corona times; a video proves: even works of art have to keep their distance; a loudspeaker is reflecting on its function; the sounds of ubiquitous SMS communication is ticking through the room.
»ears & eyes« is a multifaceted exhibition of current sound art works – made to be heard, seen, felt and thought about.
Supervision: Prof. Peter Kiefer | Prof. Stefan Fricke | Klgr. Andres Bosshard
*Master Student of Professor Dieter Kiessling, KHM Mainz

Opening: 14 June at 19.30 h
Kunstverein Münsterland e.V. | Jakobiwall 1 | 48653 Coesfeld


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19.06. | »Citysounds Ibbenbüren«

Michael Bradke | MobilesMusikMuseum

What is an H2Orchestra? What does a Metallophon sound like? What exactly is a sound channel?
The only way to answer theses questions is to take a trip to Ibbenbüren’s city centre. This is where you can try out and explore artist Michael Bradke’s MobilesMusikMuseum on 19 June from 10 to 16 h. About 100 interactive sound objects are distributed throughout the city centre’s market squares. The great thing about it: everyone can explore these weatherproof open-air objects on their own. That’s sound art you can touch and create yourself!

19 June | 10 – 16 h

City Centre of Ibbenbüren

> www.ibbenbü

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20.06. | Sound Art & Picnic

Concerts and Installations on »Castle Day 2021«

Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck is offering a whole day of sound art including extraordinary concerts, actions, installations and picnic opportunities in the park of the former knight’s estate in Oelde-Stromberg on Münsterland-wide »Castle Day 2021«.

Programme Excerpt:
Starting 11 h: Open-Air Concert of Wind Ensemble »Talking Horns«
All Day: MobilesMusikMuseum: Sound Channel – Installation | Dodo Schielein: »Music for Ears« – Listening Instructions / »Body Music« – Installation from 13 June – 12 September 2021 | Picnic in the Orchard | Spontaneous Concerts | Musical Surprises …

20 June | 11 – 18 h
Museum für Westfälische Literatur – Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck | Landrat-Predeick-Allee 1 | 59302 Oelde-Stromberg



20.06. | »Talking Tower« – Sound Art and Picnic

Open-Air-Konzert by Lake Aasee | Ibbenbüren

Musical and culinary delights meet on »Castle Day» at the Heideturm by Lake Aasee. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can listen to the concert while sitting on chairs, sun loungers or picnic blankets that you have brought yourself.

Programme Excerpt:

KRAMA – Percussion Ensemble

Performance by four young percussionists from the class of Prof. Stephan Froleyks (Musikhochschule Münster)
Adrian Golbeck | Semeli Margariti  | Raphael Bulut  | Yung-Ju Tsai

Teacher Ensemble of the Musikschule Ibbenbüren
Jessica Sladczyk, Klarinette | Wolfgang Donnermeyer, Violine | Johannes Freiburg, Klavier

Talking Horns

Achim Fink | Reiner Wetzel | Bernd Winterschladen | Stephan Schulze

20 June at 17 h | admission from 16 h | admission free

Heidenturm am Aasee | 49477 Ibbenbüren

Upon registration, visitors will have the opportunity to reserve a picnic basket with local products in advance.

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20. - 22.06. | Michael Bradke | MobilesMusikMuseum & Water Orchestra

H2Orchestra on Castle Day at Burg Vischering

»Let the water and the music flow!« is the motto on 20 June, »Castle Day«, at Burg Vischering, when young and old are invited to let the H2Orchestra resound. A lot of large and unusual »instruments« can be played: i.e. pipes, enormous buckets and mechanical apparatuses that all produce sounds and tones with and from water. A splish-splash piano, floating drums, dive and wave gongs, tubular bells, plop sticks and many more are waiting to be played. If the weather cooperates, it is going to be wonderfully refreshing fun in the setting of a knight’s castle!
This water and sound experience is organised by MobilesMusikMuseum, one of Michael Bradke’s various music events.

20 – 22 June | 11 – 17 h

Burg Vischering | Berenbrock 1 | D 59348 Lüdinghausen
For details about the event and information on Corona protection measures please check out >

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04.07. | Klangkunstnachmittag im Klanggarten der Landesmusikakademie NRW

With KRAMA, Ralf Schreiber, Dodo Schielein and Talking Horns

Sound Art live & open-air: with KRAMA percussion, »paper music« and »Höranweisungen« by and with Dodo Schielein, Talking Horns and »poor montage« – an autonomous kinetic sound installation (set up on a table) by and with Ralf Schreiber…

Ralf Schreiber plays with electromechanical sound sources: small motors, percussion and spring mechanisms and self-vibrating strings. He makes music with these devices, which often follow their own logic. In this process, the smallest movements and interactions are used to make the the machines and prepared materials sound, thus exploring the elementary interactions between sound and material.

Start: 04.07. | 14.00 h
»Klanggarten« Landesmusikakademie NRW | Ringburganlage Nienborg | Burg 15 | D 48619 Heek
Admission free


07.07. | Talking Horns – live in concert!

»the show must blow on« | Concert at Waldbühne Gronau

Stories from the past, the present and above all from the future. Mind and gut are equally catered to: unheard-of for purists and pigeonholers, boundless fun for everybody else! What makes the Talking Horns so fascinating in the first place is the fact that they unfold their imaginative musical microcosm with minimal means: razor-sharp horn sections alternate with lyrical passages and occasionally the musical horizon also reflects avant-garde chamber music. The Talking Horns achieve orchestral density by permanently changing roles.

Start: 07.07. | 17 – 18 h
Waldbühne des LAGA-Geländes | Lenne-Straße 6 | 48599 Gronau
Admission free

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12.08. | Michael Bradke und MobilesMusikMuseum in Gronau

Installation and Water Orchestra at LAGAkoller

For 20 years, Michael Bradke and his MobilesMusikMuseum have been collecting, preserving and developing sound sculptures, musical instruments, sound tools as well as sounding found objects, music-playing game rules and body music from all over the world – thus enticing children and whole families to actively and jointly make music.

Open-Air Highlight at LAGAkoller: the Water Orchestra!

12.08. | 17 – 21 h
LagaKoller | rock’n’popmuseum | Udo-Lindenberg-Platz 1 | D 48599 Gronau
Admission free


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15.08. | MobilesMusikMuseum

Family Workshop »Trommelwirbel« with Michael Bradke

Sound sculptures, musical instruments, sound tools, music-playing game rules and body music from all over the world: the collections of the MobilesMusikMuseum are not only shown nationally and internationally, drum tables, monster flutes and sounding giants are also the basis for music education workshops and project days. Exciting listening experiences, musical games and individual performances make up the programme!

Drums have fascinated young and old alike for thousands of years. Their beat imitates the heartbeat and is a central part of music in all cultures of the world. Drums seduce to dance, set the beat of the work and put you in a trance or ecstasy. Drums entice people to dance, they set the pace of work and they get people into a trance or send them into ecstasy. At the workshop, a lot of fun and interaction is involved when the first basic drumming techniques are taught using hands and sticks and when drums and their physics of sound are explored around the world and when drums are built using leftover pipes and adhesive tape.

Currently, groups are limited to a maximum of 10 participants; depending on the infection situation, the group size may be changed.
If you have any plastic pipes or parts of them that you can spare at home, please feel free to bring them along.

15.08. | 11 – 13 h and 15 – 17 h
rock’n’popmuseum | Udo-Lindenberg-Platz 1 | D 48599 Gronau
Participation free of charge | prior appointment required at >

> MobilesMusikMuseum auf YouTube

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17.08. – 12.09. | Erwin Stache at rock'n'popmuseum

Interactive Beethoven Objects

Beethoven on a home trainer? His symphonies on a scooter? The sound artist from Leipzig creates a new experience of the Titan’s music through his mobile and imaginative objects.

Sound apparatuses by Erwin Stache: 1. Singing Book »Für Elise«, 2. Music Crank, 3. Flat Box with 4 Large Keys 4. Music Trainer, 5. Score Table …

Start: 17.08. | Open during the Museum’s opening hours: Tue – Sun 10 – 18 h
rock’n’popmuseum | Udo-Lindenberg-Platz 1 | D 48599 Gronau
Admission included in Museum admission tickets


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15 August – 30. October »Sieben Spielwunder«

Sound Art Exhibition by Dodo Schielein and Torsten Bruch at Burg Vischering

In »Sieben Spielwunder« the Hamburg-based artist couple addresses various approaches to body and sound. Seven mostly sounding works let the visitors gain insights into a fictitious, playful world where sound becomes embodied or one’s own body turns into a sound generator.

Torsten Bruch shows his 5-channel video installations »Space Station« and »Ping Pong« in which he appears several times in different roles, as well as »Billy«, a series of nine photos showing the embodiment of the famous IKEA bookcase.

Dodo Schielein‘s interactive works »paper music #3+#4«, »Musik zu Fuß« and »body sound« will be on display and invite visitors to make music themselves. Furthermore, the score of the composition »talking book« will be shown, in which the sound of pages being turned plays a special role.

Opening: 15.08. | 15 h Performance by Dodo Schielein
Burg Vischering | Berenbrock 1 | Lüdinghausen
Opening times: Tue – Sun 10 – 18 h

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22.08. | 20 h FRAUFRANKE50KILOHERTZ | BLACK BOX at cuba

»drone, experimental, elektronik, schlager-pop, spectral« | Tina Tonagel & Elisabeth Coudoux

By uniting digital and analogue technologies, Tina Tonagel and Elisabeth Coudoux’s project creates a self-contained stage scenario.

An audiovisual performance with an antique violoncello, a traditional horsehead fiddle, a historical overhead projector, kinetic objects, self-made instruments, electromechanical installations and a dose of humour.
Each new project has taken hours of preparation and still remains unpredictable until the performance itself takes place. When these two creative ladies develop something together, the outcome is definitely highly interesting, charming and poetic.

22.08.| 20 h
BLACK BOX at cuba | Achtermannstraße 10 | Münster


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22.08. | Michael Bradke und MobilesMusikMuseum meet Gravenhorster SAISONALE*

Sound Art Installation »Wasserorchester« at Klostergrün

For the summer festival Gravenhorst SAISONALE* showing temporary Monastery.Garden.Art and the finisage of the DA’s summer exhibition BLÜTEZEIT*, Michael Bradke and his MobilesMusikMuseum will install the H2O Orchestra at Klostergrün, the Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst DA’s inspiring stage for art and interaction, thus once again enticing young and old sound art fans to participate in making music together. And of course you can also experience art inside and outside the Kunsthaus: e.g. Daniel Bräig’s installation »Kaltlandschaft«, the art projects of the SAISONALE*, accordion interventions by and with Anja Kreising and much more.

Date: 22.08.| from 14 h | Admission free
DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst | Klosterstraße 10 | D 48477 Hörstel



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23.08. - 29.08. »Someone Somewhere«

Photo-Sound Installation Hyunju Oh | Kunstverein Münsterland

Breath means life and existence.
This is represented by a »breath cloud« that serves as a symbolic visual element in the current pandemic situation. Hyunju Oh’s work »Someone Somewhere« , presented at SOUNDSEEING, is a sound and photo project that implicitly expresses the time of existence, emotion and association in the COVID19 pandemic and combines this with the audiovisual elements of »Breath«.

The depiction of the existence of an invisible subject in an empty space and within a time where no one exists, lets one feel past/future times and emotions that can be imagined in the present situation. In addition to that, the audience can perceive the sounds of different spaces and times through the sounds reflected by each spatial scene.

By photographing and recording places that have suffered great damage due to the pandemic and lockdowns, artist Hyunju Oh and architectural photographer Martina Pipprich have created an audiovisual experiment that combines the documentation of facts with imaginary expression.

Concept: Hyunju Oh | Sound: Hyunju Oh | Photography: Martina Pipprich

Opening: 23.08. | 19.30 h
Kunstverein Münsterland | Jacobiwall 1 | Coesfeld

> Invitation card as PDF (german)

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28.08. »Papermusic & Höranweisung« | Dodo Schielein

Workshop for Young People

Dodo Schielein works as a composer, sound artist and visual artist. In her workshop, participants following the printed instructions (score) are asked to tear sheets of paper and to listen to the ensuing paper sound. Subsequently, the »faded music« becomes a memory and remains visible as crumpled paper on the floor.

> See and hear more: paper music #3

Kunstverein Münsterland | Jacobiwall 1 | Coesfeld
Information & registration 02541 880711 or >



28.08. aufabwegen@Soundseeing | 20 h

Noise music, ambient and experimental electronics

Live concert at Musikhochschule Münster | An exciting programme to listen to and see – curated by Till Kniola

Do not expect a typical kind of concert from this formation. Multer does not play pieces – they search for tensions, pick them up, isolate, reduce, amplify, transform them. Sounds are created by guitars, effect devices, sheet metal, pieces of wood, synthesizers, percussion and friction mechanisms, samples.

Aidan Baker
Aidan Baker is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. His main instrument is the electric guitar. Using specially prepared instruments, alternative methods of guitar playing and electronic effects, Baker creates music that generally belongs to the ambient/experimental genre, but also shows post-rock, neo-classical and jazz influences.

The Oval Language
The approach of »The Oval Language« can be described as disruptive vibrations: Vibrations, waves, voice – intensively disrupting the realm of sound.

Start: 28.08. | 20 h
Musikhochschule Münster | Ludgeriplatz 1 | 48151 Münster
Tickets: 15 € inkl. VVK
Host: cuba-cultur


29.08. aufabwegen@Soundseeing | 18 h

Noise music, ambient and experimental electronics

An imaginative, experimental concert | sound art for your eyes & ears – curated by Till Kniola | live in Münster!

Tomoko Sauvage – Waterbowls
In 2006, Tomoko Sauvage became familiar with the Indian instrument jalatarangam – porcelain bowls filled with water that are played with mallets. Fascinated by this instrument, she developed the idea of playing them using underwater microphones and thus invented the electro-aquatic instrument. Porcelain bowls, water drops, waves and bubbles as well as hydrophonic feedback and electronics are the main elements of her instrument.

Limpe Fuchs
For decades, Limpe Fuchs has been among the most imaginative sound artists in the international experimental music scene. She is known as a sound artist and composer of acoustic and visual events. For 20 years, she has conducted sound research under the name »Anima Sound« and she is often cited as one of Krautrock’s great trailblazers. Since 1989, she has been touring as a soloist with her sound installation.

Start: 29.08. | 18 h
Musikhochschule Münster | Ludgeriplatz 1 | 48151 Münster
Tickets: 12 € inkl. VVK
Host: cuba-cultur


08.09. »Staubsauger und Messertisch«

Concert by Pierre Berthet and Stephan Froleyks with Self-Made Instruments

Belgian sound artist Pierre Berthet is a percussionist and composer. For more than 30 years, he has been constructing sound objects and installations from steel, plastic, water and magnetic fields. Percussionist and composer Stephan Froleyks is also internationally known to many SOUNDSEEING fans as a performer and inventor of novel instruments. We are looking forward to the two sound artists’ joint concert!

08.09. | 19.30 h
Kunstverein Münsterland | Jacobiwall 1 | Coesfeld


12.09. »Songs from my analogue utopia« | Christian Faubel | DA, Kunsthaus

Concert with overhead projectors on »Open Monument Day«

Artist and scientist Christian Faubel explores self-organising coordination dynamics and the utopian potential of analogue communication. In analogue communication, synchronisation is the result of the interaction of two or more processes, not one process dominating the other. Christian Faubel sees the utopian potential in this equal interaction. He explores this with the help of an overhead projector on whose screen motors are set up that are moved by simple analogue oscillators. The motors in turn beat rubber bands with mallets, the vibration of which is picked up by simple sensors and reproduced as amplified sound. In this way, the rhythmic beating of the motors is simultaneously shown as a shadow play, and with the variation of the interactions, a kind of score is created.

Date: 12.09. | 16.30 h | Free admission
DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst | Klosterstraße 10 | D 48477 Hörstel

TIP: On the »Day of the Open Monument« the DA, Kunsthaus offers already from 14.00 h an extensive overall programme with an art-historical lecture by Dr. Uta C. Schmidt and guided tours on art and history…




19.09. | Open-air conzert with »The Dorf« at Burg Vischering

Musical SOUNDSEEING finale as part of »Art in the Park«

The musical finale of the Münsterland-wide sound art festival SOUNDSEEING 2021 will be brilliant: The formation »The Dorf« under the direction of Jan Klare will play as part of the event »Art in the Park« on the plane tree meadow at Burg Vischering.
One looks in vain for a stylistic classification for The Dorf. Rather, cornerstones from jazz, improvisation, punk and new music can be identified. No fixed classification, but exactly therefore so fascinating and rousing! 25 musicians will invite you on a common journey with this extraordinary body of sound this afternoon. Trombone, trumpet, drums, violin, laptop, theremin, synthesizer and sousaphone are just some of the instruments that unite to form The Dorf.
There will be deck chairs available for a relaxed concert visit, but people strolling by can also enjoy this music worth listening to.

Date: 19.09. | 16.00 – 17.30 h | free admission
Burg Vischering | Berenbrock 1 | 59348 Lüdinghausen


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25.09. | SOUNDSEEING with Frauke Eckhardt along the Bocholter Aa

Soundwalk with »KlangRoller« and »KlangAngel«

Sound experience in the truest sense of the word and: How can sounds be fished? Sound artist Frauke Eckhardt has already performed on the kubaai site in Bocholt with her sound installation »global drifting« and explored the sound worlds of the weavers in the former weaving room of the TextiWerk Bocholt with »lost waves«. Now she goes with interested »soundwalkers« on the search for sounds and listening experiences in public space. Visitors can explore Bocholt’s urban space acoustically in the morning on a guided audio walk or in the afternoon with the sound instruments KlangAngel and KlangRoller.

Date: 25.09.
Start of soundwalk: 11.00 h | Meeting point: Neutorplatz / Café Imping – at the bed with the red listening tubes
Borrowing »KlangRoller« and »KlangAngel« 13:00 – 16:00 h | Meeting point: Café Imping on the side facing the Aa