SOUNDSEEING – Das Programm 2021

Due to current restrictions, the Münsterland sound art festival is organised fluidly. Concerts, performances, installations and workshops may be updated at short notice. Please check our website for current information before planning your visit!

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07.03. – 25.04. | SOUNDSEEING – WEAVING

Sound Art Exhibition by Christina Kubisch

Start of the Münsterland Sound Art Festival!

Weaving – updated version Kloster Gravenhorst 2021 – is a site-specific installation with copper cables resembling an oversized loom in their entirety. While moving freely between the cables suspended from wooden structures, visitors may use special induction headphones to listen to the sounds circulating through the copper cables. In the works for Kloster Gravenhorst, these sounds consist of recordings of power looms (in Textilmuseum Bocholt) and of the digital texture of electromagnetic fields from the world wide web, sounds that are usually not audible. They were recorded in various countries, in technically advanced metropolises in particular, using special headphones with copper coils.
Each of those 16 »looms« has its own programme of alternating electric currents and rhythms of industrial looms. As early as in the 19th century, punched cards were used as a precursor to the computer-controlled processes that are common in the textile industry today. Industrialisation and digitalisation appear as processes that can be heard in ever-changing sequences. The visitor roams through the sixteen cable structures and weaves together his or her own acoustic patterns and sound experiences by means of magnetic induction. The activity of weaving, once associated with meditative craftsmanship or the delicate webbing of spiders, today has become increasingly distant from the former craft. Industrial production processes and refined electrical communication machines that one would not normally come into contact with become audible and tangible in the installation. The origin of the term »weaving« is questioned and reinterpreted.
Various movements in the room generate individual listening experiences and sound overlays; the listeners themselves become active co-authors of the acoustic events.

> Virtueller Rundgang auf YouTube

More installations by Christina Kubisch at DA, Kunsthaus: FESTPLATTEN – Gravestone Fragements, UV light, fluorescent pigment – im Rempter, »Silent exercizes« in the vaulted cellar and the sonagrams »Analyzing Silence« – a visualization of the word »silence«, individually or repeated several times.

Open to the public by appointment from 12 March!
Address: DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst | Klosterstraße 10 | Hörstel
Please call 02551 6942-15 between 10 and 12 h or between 14 and 16 h to book your visit.
Visits are scheduled for one hour at a time at the following intervals: Tue – Sat 14 – 15 h | 15 – 16 h | 16 – 17 h | 17 – 18 h and Sun 11 – 12 h | 12 – 13 h | 13 – 14 h | 14 – 15 h | 15 – 16 h | 16 – 17 | 17 – 18 h.
Furthermore, current hygiene rules such as maintaining social distance (at least 1.5 m), wearing a medical mask and limitations to the admission capacity of DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, have to be followed.
Admission free

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01.05. - 20.06. »global drifting« / »lost waves«

Sound Installations by Frauke Eckhardt

Frauke Eckhardt creates open-air works at the kubaai park in Bocholt and at the LWL-Industriemuseum TextilWerk. We are looking forward to her site-specific sound installation »global drifting« in the outdoor space and her installation »lost waves« in the Weaving Shed.

Image: Frauke Eckhardt, »KlangWellen«, site-specific sound objects, 2016 – The artist writes:
As an artistic intervention, KlangWellen networks intensively with its immediate surroundings and the soundscape. Given visual and acoustic occurrences are transformed and modelled into sound and light waves and replayed into the space via its widely extended surface. As the existing soundscape is repurposed, its formerly irritating sounds are subtly masked or their specific characteristics are enhanced. An aesthetically condensed place is formed.

See and hear »KlangWellen« (and more): >

Opening: 01.05. | Time coming soon!
kubaai outside area and Weaving Shed | LWL-Industriemuseum TextilWerk Bocholt
Weaving Shed: Tue – Sun and Holidays 10 – 18 h
Admission free

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28.05. - 30.05. | »poor montage« Workshop Ralf Schreiber

autonomous kinetic sound installation at the Kulturcamp | Kloster Bentlage | Rheine

On a large table there are various mostly small objects: bamboo sticks, tin pieces, rubber bands, toy instruments, springs, small motors and a lot of cables. Ralf Schreiber plays with these objects, that is, he arranges transient structures that are driven by small motors or spring mechanisms and that are amplified by contact microphones. The smallest movements and interactions continuously create new rhythmic patterns and peculiar sounds. A lot of this eludes any kind of controlled play forming an exploratory process and a permanent improvisation through those stubborn constructs.

Introduction of the Workshop: 28.05. | Date for the Workshop to be announced soon!
Kulturelle Begegnungsstätte Kloster Bentlage | Bentlager Weg 130 | 48432 Rheine
For further information about booking and costs please call +49 (0)5971 918468

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30.05. - 20.06. »Musikmaschinen und Klangapparaturen«

Sound Parcours by Christof Schläger

Crackboxes, Whupi, Clapper, Chromix, Typedrum, Brauser, Schwirrer and a Hopper – Christoph Schläger uses a variety of unusual acoustic sound objects to stage his sound parcours at Hawerkamp. The sound artist finds inspiration in sounds and noises he encounters in his living environment. The resulting world of sound is inspired by this inspiration and also by the technical aspects of its production. It comprises metallic sounds, buzzing, whirring and whistling noises, clicks, rattles and bells – and even tones.
A realm of experience opens up that emphasises the inherent value of these sounds and reveals their beauty. In Christof Schläger’s compositions, technical devices and sounds mutate into figments of a fantasy that gives rise to something completely new.

Openingg: 30.05. | 12.00 h | Welcoming speech: Mayor Markus Lewe
Ausstellungshalle am Hawerkamp | Am Hawerkamp 31 | Halle B | Münster
Exhibition hall at Hawerkamp | Am Hawerkamp 31 | Halle B | Münster
Fri 16 – 20 h | Sat 15 – 20 h | Sun 12 – 18 h
Admission free



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04.07. | Klangkunstnachmittag im Klanggarten der Landesmusikakademie NRW

With SPLASH, Ralf Schreiber, Dodo Schielein and Talking Horns

Sound Art live & open-air: with SPLASH Jugendpercussion NRW, »paper music« and »Höranweisungen« by and with Dodo Schielein, Talking Horns and »poor montage« – an autonomous kinetic sound installation (set up on a table) by and with Ralf Schreiber…

Ralf Schreiber plays with electromechanical sound sources: small motors, percussion and spring mechanisms and self-vibrating strings. He makes music with these devices, which often follow their own logic. In this process, the smallest movements and interactions are used to make the the machines and prepared materials sound, thus exploring the elementary interactions between sound and material.

Start: 04.07. | 14.00 h
»Klanggarten« Landesmusikakademie NRW | Ringburganlage Nienborg | Burg 15 | D 48619 Heek
Admission free


07.07. | Talking Horns – live in concert!

»the show must blow on« | Concert at Waldbühne Gronau

Stories from the past, the present and above all from the future. Mind and gut are equally catered to: unheard-of for purists and pigeonholers, boundless fun for everybody else! What makes the Talking Horns so fascinating in the first place is the fact that they unfold their imaginative musical microcosm with minimal means: razor-sharp horn sections alternate with lyrical passages and occasionally the musical horizon also reflects avant-garde chamber music. The Talking Horns achieve orchestral density by permanently changing roles.

Start: 07.07. | 17 – 18 h
Waldbühne des LAGA-Geländes | Lenne-Straße 6 | 48599 Gronau
Admission free

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12.08. | Michael Bradke und MobilesMusikMuseum in Gronau

Installation and Water Orchestra at LAGAkoller

For 20 years, Michael Bradke and his MobilesMusikMuseum have been collecting, preserving and developing sound sculptures, musical instruments, sound tools as well as sounding found objects, music-playing game rules and body music from all over the world – thus enticing children and whole families to actively and jointly make music.

Open-Air Highlight at LAGAkoller: the Water Orchestra!

12.08. | 17 – 21 h
LagaKoller | rock’n’popmuseum | Udo-Lindenberg-Platz 1 | D 48599 Gronau
Admission free


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15.08. | MobilesMusikMuseum

Family Workshop »Trommelwirbel« with Michael Bradke

Sound sculptures, musical instruments, sound tools, music-playing game rules and body music from all over the world: the collections of the MobilesMusikMuseum are not only shown nationally and internationally, drum tables, monster flutes and sounding giants are also the basis for music education workshops and project days. Exciting listening experiences, musical games and individual performances make up the programme!

Drums have fascinated young and old alike for thousands of years. Their beat imitates the heartbeat and is a central part of music in all cultures of the world. Drums seduce to dance, set the beat of the work and put you in a trance or ecstasy. Drums entice people to dance, they set the pace of work and they get people into a trance or send them into ecstasy. At the workshop, a lot of fun and interaction is involved when the first basic drumming techniques are taught using hands and sticks and when drums and their physics of sound are explored around the world and when drums are built using leftover pipes and adhesive tape.

Currently, groups are limited to a maximum of 10 participants; depending on the infection situation, the group size may be changed.
If you have any plastic pipes or parts of them that you can spare at home, please feel free to bring them along.

15.08. | 11 – 13 h and 15 – 17 h
rock’n’popmuseum | Udo-Lindenberg-Platz 1 | D 48599 Gronau
Participation free of charge | prior appointment required at >

> MobilesMusikMuseum auf YouTube

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17.08. – 12.09. | Erwin Stache at rock'n'popmuseum

Interactive Beethoven Objects

Beethoven on a home trainer? His symphonies on a scooter? The sound artist from Leipzig creates a new experience of the Titan’s music through his mobile and imaginative objects.

Sound apparatuses by Erwin Stache: 1. Singing Book »Für Elise«, 2. Music Crank, 3. Flat Box with 4 Large Keys 4. Music Trainer, 5. Score Table …

Start: 17.08. | Open during the Museum’s opening hours: Tue – Sun 10 – 18 h
rock’n’popmuseum | Udo-Lindenberg-Platz 1 | D 48599 Gronau
Admission included in Museum admission tickets