Christina Kubisch | Sound-Installationen 07.03. – 25.04.


March to September 2021 – Sounds to See in Münsterland

Extraordinary sounds at cultural venues across Münsterland – for more than 12 years, this has been the distinguishing feature of »SOUNDSEEING«, a sound art series unique in Germany. From Gronau to Heek and from Hörstel to Bocholt, in all Münsterland districts and in the city of Münster, top-class sound art can be heard at authentic places. Internationally renowned artists such as Frauke Eckhard, Till Kniola, Christina Kubisch, Dodo Schielein, Christof Schläger, Ralf Schreiber and Tina Tonagel engage with special cultural venues through the means of sound art and enchant them with poetic sound objects, ambient sound installations, interactive listening instructions and novel instruments. »HörenMachen« is the theme of projects at various locations in Münsterland, in workshops, at impromptu guerrilla concerts and at the mobile music museum – our acoustic world is richer and more inspiring than we think. Music, improvisation, technology and experimental joy make the cultural venues in Münsterland resound!

Stephan Froleyks | Curator SOUNDSEEING
Antje Valentin | Landesmusikakademie NRW

SOUNDSEEING – Programme Categories 2021

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Three Solo Exhibitions

The sound art festival’s frame is formed by a geographical triangle of three major solo exhibitions across Münsterland. Internationally renowned sound artists Christina Kubisch, Frauke Eckhardt and Christof Schläger present past and new works and define the artistic focus of SOUNDSEEING 2021. On 7 March, Christina Kubisch’s exhibition »WEAVING« opens in DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, as the festival’s prelude. Currently, the exhibition can only be experienced online. It will run until 25 April 2021. Frauke Eckhardt’s open-air work is exhibited at at kubaai-Park and at LWL-Textilwerk in Bocholt. Her outdoor sound installation »global drifting« as well as her installation »lost waves« in the Weaving Shed will run from 1 May to 20 June.
Christoph Schläger shows spectacular objects in Kunsthalle Hawerkamp in Münster. He opens his exhibition »Musikmaschinen und Klangapparaturen« at 12 noon on 30 May. The exhibition will run until 20 June.

Image: Frauke Eckhardt, »Nachhall« Permanent Sound Installation, Luxembourg 2010 | Photo: Mike Zenari


Concerts | Performances | Sound Art Installations

The second element comprises concerts, performances, live formats and sound art installations.
Among others, concerts featuring music machines (Christof Schläger) are planned, performances involving electronic music (Till Kniola), paper music (Dodo Schielein), concerts of NRW Experimental Big Band »The Dorf«, mobile playable sound installations (Michael Bradke), sound walks, workshop concerts with students from the sound art class of the University of Mainz (Prof. Peter Kiefer) as well as performances of SPLASH Percussion NRW.

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Introductory Programme »HörenMachen«

The third element is represented by the introductory programme »HörenMachen«.

In addition to the high quality of the sound art presented, the introduction and increased perception of this special art form at the intersection of contemporary visual art and new experimental music play an important part in SOUNDSEEING 2021. The scope ranges from a wide variety of workshops for children, teenagers and adults through discussion panels and guided tours to projects with students of the University of Mainz.