23.08. | Participation concert with Michael Bradke

Closed event for primary schools | Bürgerhaus Ibbenbüren
Mitmachkonzert Trimmeln auf Röhren

The MobileMusikMuseum is an interactive journey through the world of music. Michael Bradke, an experienced tour guide, will show the children how music is made in different ways with hands, fingers, cheeks, head and mouth. The journey will take us to Spain, India, Africa, the North Pole, America and the South Seas. On a large world map, the children can follow the route and experience and learn musical games, music, dances and “clapping stories“ with 15 clappers from different countries.

The artist Michael Bradke does not focus on an in-depth presentation of individual cultures, but tries to show “anthropological constants“ of music that exist worldwide. The focus is on the connection between music and movement, dance, language, mathematics, the expression of feelings as well as the use of the body as an instrument. These universal connections are conveyed to the children in a vivid and action-oriented way.

Duration: 10.00 – 11.00 a.m.
Place: Bürgerhaus | Wilhelmstraße 16 | 49477 Ibbenbüren
Closed event: Primary schools will be contacted.

+ the artist Michael Bradke

+ www.stadtmarketing-ibbenbueren.de