März - September 2021 März - September 2021

SOUNDSEEING 2021 – HörenMachen

The Münsterland-Wide Sound Art Festival

This year’s edition of SOUNDSEEING ended on October 30. We are very happy that despite Corona 31 events could take place at 13 locations with more than 18,000 enthusiastic sound art fans from near and far – and we are looking forward to 2023!

You can also subsequently experience the most diverse cultural venues in Münsterland with top-class sound art on YouTube or in our catalogs:

Sound art exhibition »WEAVING« plus interview with artist Christina Kubisch at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst > live on YouTube | > Catalog as PDF (6 MB)
The sound installations »global drifting« und »lost waves« by Frauke Eckhardt at kubaai Quartier Bocholt > live recording of the opening on YouTube | > Catalog as PDF (11 MB)
»Musikmaschinen und Klangapparaturen« by Christof Schläger at the Kunsthalle am Hawerkamp, Münster > live conzert and interview on YouTube | > Catalog as PDF (9 MB)
Positions of Young Sound Art by students of the class of sound art composition at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz – original sounds of the sound artists and documentation of the exhibitions in > Coesfeld and > Nottbeck on YouTube | > Catalog as PDF (6 MB)

… and many more concerts, workshops and installations – here in our multimedia review > Sound Art live!

SOUNDSEEING –The Sound Art Festival Across Münsterland

Extraordinary sounds at cultural venues across Münsterland – for more than 12 years, this has been the distinguishing feature of »SOUNDSEEING«, a sound art series unique in Germany. From Rheine to Münster and from Hörstel to Bocholt, in all Münsterland districts and in the city of Münster, top-class sound art can be heard at authentic places: at the rock’n’popmuseum Gronau, in DA, Kunsthaus Gravenhorst in Hörstel, in Hawerkamp-Halle in Münster, at Burg Vischering in Lüdinghausen or at Kubaai-Kulturquartier Bocholt. Internationally renowned artists such as Frauke Eckhard, Till Kniola, Christina Kubisch, Dodo Schielein, Christof Schläger, Ralf Schreiber and Tina Tonagel engage with special cultural venues through all the means of sound art and enchant them with poetic sound objects, ambient sound installations, interactive listening instructions and novel instruments. The aim is to open ears and eyes to something new! 


»Musikmaschinen und Klangapparaturen« – Christof Schläger

Virtual Tour on YouTube | Ausstellungshalle Hawerkamp | Münster


Remains available to be seen and heard:

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Permanent Exhibition | »Klanggarten«

Andreas Oldörp | Christof Schläger | Ralf Schreiber

Sound art celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Landesmusikakademie: »Hörort« by Andreas Öldorp, »Klöpperböden« by Christoph Schläger and in his participatory project, Ralf Schreiber worked with pupils from local schools and equipped park trees with sound modules.

Location: Burg Nienborg in Heek | Amtsgarten | Eintritt frei