26.08. | FrequEMS | Sound Art Day

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Klangkunst Festival-Tag in Rheine mit dem Klang Duo Osnabrück, Pia Marei Hauser

Total sound art… with: Sound concert by Klang Duo Osnabrück and music act by flutist Pia Marei Hauser, Rheine Music School. Workshops and installations: Yannik Richter (requested), Light Art & Sound – Frederic Schröder, Klanginstitut Köln, Michael Bradke and others.

Klang Duo Osnabrück “Chillin’ Grooves” – Musician’s life over beats and spherical sounds
The music is characterised by a rather calm tempo, beyond virtuosity. The pieces can be characterised as a varying body of work with flowing transitions. The combination of electronics, programmed colour-light beams and natural instruments such as RAV drum, drum and didgeridoo create a very special sound experience. The KlangDuo invites you to groove along in a relaxed way.

The Klanginstitut Köln offers a Sonic Pi workshop. Participants can programme their own sounds without any special prior knowledge. Participants learn the basics of the programme and are shown step by step how to produce their own sounds. Sonic Pi is a free open-source music programme that was originally developed for the small computer Raspberry Pi. The programme uses the computer as a musical instrument.
The Klanginstitut Köln will also be showing a sound art installation. The idea came from the Lockdown: they wanted to bridge the spatial distances musically-acoustically.  For the KlangKunst Festival, the Klanginstitut is developing a Münsterland map: for all the places represented in the SOUNDSEEING Festival, characteristic sounds will be processed into musical loops that the viewers can mix and arrange themselves. Loudspeakers will be set up around the instrument so that the sounds of the places can be heard from the respective compass direction. In this way, one can acoustically overcome the distances between the places and go on a listening journey.

anni YU (she/her) is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer living in Cologne and moving musically between neo-soul and melodic techno.
Under the motto Love is Love, anni YU uses her music as a platform to give queer people space, to become visible and to create exchange.

Michael Bradke and his “Mobiles Musik Museum“ present the “Wasser Orchester”. The interactive sound installation can be played by 40 people at the same time. We look forward to creative, spontaneous compositions!

Time: 2 p.m. to 12 p.m.
Location: ARTandTECH.space | Lindenstraße 11 | 48431 Rheine
Admission free

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