Albrecht Fersch

Performance, action, sound and installation artist from Berlin

Albrecht Fersch is a wanderer between disciplines, born in Schweinfurt in 1970. Meanwhile, music and sound play an essential role in his work. During his studies at the Academy of Arts in Munich until 1995, he was mainly concerned with writing systems, linking concepts, experimental drawing and painting as well as with logorealism, which he invented at that time and which still forms a continuous series of works today. From 2005 onwards, further training in essential theatre and involvement with performances and participatory projects. In 2008, his interest expanded to the construction of large-scale installations. He led design workshops such as most recently the sound laboratory Urknall in Greiz, created participatory art events such as the Supertheater or built stage sets for the Mondstaubtheater in Zwickau. Since 2014, invention and construction of sound installations and musical instruments. Sound, theatre, participation and visual art unite, for example, in his installation Raumklavier. Since 2018, Fersch has been a lecturer for mask making and performance at the Ikusa Institute for Art Therapy in Saxony.

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