ANTENNA | Floris Vanhoof

The sound installation ANTENNA by Floris Vanhoof captures the omnipresent electromagnetic waves and transfers them to small electromagnets that make the strings of a piano sound.

O-Ton Floris Vanhoof about ANTENNA:
“During a thunderstorm, while listening to classical music on the radio, lightning strikes became audible as cracks and pops. In this way, my interest in the presence of electromagnetic waves was awakened. These waves are always there, constantly penetrating the air, the walls, our bodies….
I built a VLF antenna to listen to this multitude of sounds of man-made communication channels, such as the beeping of weather balloons, but also the ongoing warfare. This infinite source of noise, even larger than the Internet, inspired me to explore and refine electromagnetic waves and combine them with the inherently incompatible medium of the wing.“

In cooperation with cuba-cultur and the city of Münster

Sound Art: Floris Vanhoof
Camera: Sabine Herke | Bernhard Kils
Composing: herkewerke