SOUNDSEEING V – Sound Artists

Moving sounds, talking horns, experimental sound generators…


Maximilian Hensel | Antonia Sachse | Benjamin Stache | Ferdinand Störel

Atonor is magic composed of electronics, acoustics, material, sensors, objects and the human being. Founded as a study group at school by sound artist Erwin Stache, Atonor has become a professional project that has been developing concert programmes, concepts and films for more than 10 years, featuring a mixture of experiment, performance, theatre and rhythm.
Atonor has appearances at numerous events and festivals, always with the aim of creating a magic of things so that the audience does not know what to feel more amazed about: the objects themselves or the way they are put to use.
As part of SOUNDSEEING, the ensemble will work on a composition in a short workshop with young people and perform the results together with them as part of the concert.

Atonor could be seen and heard:
03.05.2014 | Workshop and Concert at Lohnhalle, Zeche Westfalen, Ahlen | Special Guest: Tanne M.C.
26.06.2014 | Concert near the City of Dülmen
27.06.2014 | Concert at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel



Jaap Blonk

It isn’t accurate to call Jaap Blonk a singer because the directness and agility of his vocal expression goes far beyond singing. His voice creaks and bubbles, whimpers and whines. He is a headstrong autodidact, musician, sound poet and vocal performer who specialises in sound poetics and is distinguished by his powerful stage presence and his unfettered freedom of improvisation. Jaap Blonk was born in 1953 in Woerden, the Netherlands. His studies in physics, mathematics and musicology as well as various jobs in offices and other straight-lined systems intensified his inclination towards Dadaism. One man, many sounds!

Jaap Blonk could be seen and heard:
08.03.2014 | Concert at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel
07.09.2014 | Concert at TextilWerk Bocholt
21.09.2014 | Concert at cuba-cultur, Münster


Christian Faubel

Christian Faubel is a scientist and artist with an interest in how autonomous kinds of behaviour emerge from the interaction of the most basic systems. In his artistic work, he experiments with elementary circuits and primitive robotics to create wonderfully complex patterns. Christian Faubel works as an artistic/scientific assistant at Lab3, the Labor für experimentelle Informatik at Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne. Since 2001, Christian Faubel has participated in numerous media art festivals presenting robot installations and teaching workshops.

Christian Faubel could be seen and heard:
09.02.2014 | Workshop at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel
03.05.2014 | Workshop at der Maschinenzentrale, Zeche Westfalen, Ahlen
02.09.2014 | Workshop at Garden of Burg Nienborg, Heek
21.09.2014 | Workshop at cuba-cultur, Münster


»Deep Schrott«

Andreas Kaling, Wollie Kaiser, Jan Klare, Dirk Raulf – Bass-Saxophon

»Deep« is undoubtedly very fitting for the bass saxophones of »Deep Schrott« but they are definitely no scrap, as the German word »Schrott« suggests – in this respect, the band’s name is only half accurate. But what’s in a name anyway? It’s the sound that fascinates! It seems that planes are landing or tractors are passing by and then the deep sounders’ lyrical moments unfold themselves. Gentle melodic arcs in a King Crimson medley, a ska and polka driven version of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven and arrangements full of acoustic colours ranging from Fleetwood Mac to The Beatles. Deep Schrott run deep! They are so much more that just a low slung wind quartet and far more than a curious gimmick. These four highly skilled musicians create a unique language of sound and form which combines humour and intellect in the best possible way: fun to listen to exactly because it’s played seriously – you won’t be able to get the dark rumbling sound out of your head! Deep Schrott was founded in 2009, instigated by Dirk Raulf. His fellow musicians are all seasoned saxophonists who have been very well connected in the international music world for several decades through their various projects (i.e. as members of Kölner Saxophon Mafia).

»Deep Schrott« could be seen and heard:
08.03.2014 | Concert at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel



hans w. koch

Hans W. Koch (* 1962) studied music, history and physics at the Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten as well as composition with Johannes Fritsch at the Kölner Musikhochschule from 1988 to 1995. In 2007 he was visiting professor for composition and experimental sound practices at the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. 2008 he received the Award of Distinction at the Prix Ars Electronica. koch lives in Cologne.

Hans W. Koch could be seen and heard:
23.02. – 30.03.2014 | Group Exhibition at Stadt-Galerie Ahlen
02.05. – 01.06.2014 | Exhibition at cuba-cultur, Münster
01.06.2014 | Concert at cuba-cultur, Münster
08.03. – 09.06.2014 | Exhibition at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel
07.09. – 05.10.2014 | Exhibition at TextilWerk Bocholt



Tilman Küntzel

From 1985 to 1990, Tilman Küntzel (* 1959) studied fine arts with Henning Christiansen and Claus Böhmler at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg and musicology at the University of Hamburg in 1992/93. 1993 he gained a DAAD scholarship to study under Allan Kaprow at the University of California, San Diego. In 2002 he won the German Sound Art Award. In 2007 he was a guest lecturer for sound art at Universität der Künste, Berlin. He lives in Berlin.

Tilman Küntzel could be seen and heard:
23.02. – 30.03.2014 | Group Exhibition at Stadt-Galerie Ahlen
08.03. – 09.06.2014 | Exhibition at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel
07.09. – 05.10.2014 | Exhibition at TextilWerk Bocholt



Moving Sounds

Tara Bouman | Markus Stockhausen

»Moving Sounds« – this has to be taken quite literally with the Stockhausen/Bouman duo. The two musicians deliberately explore their acoustic surroundings and stage a subtle interplay of their instruments. More important than the journey into space, however, is that the duo gradually transcends the dimensions of the physical space with their sounds and ventures into unheard-of realms with spherical (over)tones. With Bouman and Stockhausen, one experiences an unadulterated form of »intuitive« music: carefully listening and immersing oneself, picking up the musical thread, transforming and evolving. The concert hall becomes a special kind of space of experience – built from the ephemeral material of sounds.
Markus Stockhausen is one of the most versatile trumpet soloists of our time. He contributes to CD-productions on a regular basis, performs as a soloist of classical and contemporary trumpet literature, leads various jazz formations and increasingly works as a composer as well.
Tara Bouman studied clarinet in Amsterdam, contemporary music is the main focus of her repertoire. Concert tours have taken her to many European countries, as well as to Mexico and the USA.

»Moving Sounds« could be seen and heard:
08.03.2014 | Concert at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel
09.03.2014 | Concert at Kloster Bentlage, Rheine



Andreas Oldörp

Andreas Oldörp (*1959) beschäftigt sich seit 1988 mit der Wechselwirkung von Raum und Klang. In zahlreichen internationalen Ausstellungen hat er mit der Setzung natürlich erzeugter konstanter Klänge sein Konzept der klangenergetischen Aufladung von Orten entwickelt und erweitert. Seit 1997 entstehen auch Arbeiten im Aussenraum, die mit subtilen harmonisierenden Eingriffen den alltäglichen Klangraum transzendieren.

Andreas Oldörp war zu sehn und hören:
13.09. (dauerhaft): Installation im alten Amtsgarten der Burg Nienborg, Heek



José Antonio Orts

Since 1988, Andreas Oldörp (*1959) has been exploring the interplay of space and sound. In numerous international exhibitions, he has developed and expanded his concept of charging places with sound energy by placing naturally generated constant sounds. Since 1997, he has also been creating outdoor works that transcend the everyday sound space with subtle harmonising interventions.

Andreas Oldörp could be seen and heard:
13.09.2014 | (Permanent) Installation in Amtsgarten of Burg Nienborg, Heek



Christof Schläger

José Antonio Orts (*1955) studied composition and electroacoustic music under Luciano Berio and Iannis Xenakis and others. He has gained numerous scholarships and awards like, for instance, the German Sound Art Award in 2004. His works were presented at numerous music and visual arts venues such as Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), Yokohama Portside Gallery (Yokohama, Japan) and DAAD-Galerie (Berlin).

José Antonio Orts could be seen and heard:
08.03. – 24.08.2014 | Exhibition at Kloster Bentlage, Rheine



Ralf Schreiber

Ralf Schreiber (*1964): studies at the Kunstakademie Münster, postgraduate studies at the Kunsthochschule für Medien, Cologne. Works involve electronics, solar cells, motors and miniature loudspeakers. His playful and experimental works create soft sounds and minute movements, exploring low-energetic transformation processes. Lively international exhibition activity.

Ralf Schreiber could be seen and heard:
09.02.2014 | Workshop at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel
03.05.2014 | Workshop in Maschinenzentrale, Zeche Westfalen, Ahlen
16.05. – 27.07.2014 | Exhibition at Eiskeller, Altenberge
14.06.2014 | Workshop at Burg Vischering, Lüdinghausen
02.09.2014 | Workshop in the Garden of Burg Nienborg, Heek
13.09.2014 | Installation in the Amtsgarten of Burg Nienborg, Heek
21.09.2014 | Workshop in cuba-cultur, Münster




Erwin Stache

Erwin Stache (* 1960) had piano and organ lessons and studied physics and mathematics. He has been working as a freelance musician, composer and sound object builder since 1983. From 1985 to 2001, he was organist in Beucha (near Leipzig). Since 2003, he has been a member of the executive committee of the Freie Akademie der Künste Leipzig. Awards and scholarships such as Musik kreativ, Gellertpreis, Kinder zum Olymp. Founding of Atonor, an ensemble for experimental music.

Erwin Stache could be seen and heard:
23.02. – 30.03.2014 | Group Exhibition at Stadt-Galerie Ahlen
25.05. – 03.08.2014 | Solo Exhibition at Burg Vischering, Lüdinghausen



»Talking Horns«

Achim Fink, Andreas Gilgenberg, Bernd Winterschladen, Stephan Schulze – Saxofone, Posaunen, Tuben…

Four men with a variety of different wind instruments from sopranino clarinet to bass tuba playing very colourful music. This is how you could describe the cult band Talking Horns in a nutshell, but this doesn’t capture the essence of the band. After all, it is the musical stories that make the quartet’s music so exciting. Ragapapa, Autoputt or Hottenbacher Kriminalherbst are music pieces that deliver what their narrative and humorous titles promise. Above all, what makes the Talking Horns so fascinating lies in how they unfold their imaginative musical microcosm with minimal means and an absolute zest for playing. Arrangements of Bach and Ravel, musical journeys to South Africa and the Balkans and razor-sharp horn sections alternate with lyrical passages; occasionally their musical horizon also stretches to avant-garde chamber music. The Talking Horns achieve an orchestral density through permanent role changes, sometimes sounding like a classical quartet then again like a big band. The audience cannot always trust their ears and simply have to get immersed in the dazzling world of wind instruments. This will guarantee absolute listening pleasure. Jazz connoisseurs, friends of chamber music or those who just love it when it grooves will all enjoy themselves to the full. Talking Horns have been playing together since 1995 and can look back on hundreds of concerts that have taken them around the world, more or less. The show must blow on!

»Talking Horns« could be seen and heard:
20.06.2014 | Concert at Burg Vischering, Lüdinghausen
25.10.2014 | Concert at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel




Claus van Bebber | Vinyl Records
Erhard Hirt – Live | Electronics & Guitar

Based on the musical self-conceptions of a drummer and a guitarist, Claus van Bebber and Erhard Hirt redefine their roles within their duo: one uses vinyl records as source material and the other uses mixing desk and sound processors as a means to create dense associative soundscapes and an energetic acoustic imagery. In SOUNDSEEING, TEFITON meets the Dutch vocal acrobat Jaap Blonk.

»Tefiton« could be seen and heard:
07.09.2014 | Concert at TextilWerk Bocholt
21.09.2014 | Concert i at cuba-cultur, Münster



Claus van Bebber

Claus van Bebber (*1949), born in the Lower Rhine region, is an artistic autodidact in the fields of visual and performing arts as well as in the composition and improvisation of experimental »Neue Musik«. As founding member of the artist group »Heinrich Mucken« (1982 – 1990) participation in the Documenta 8, Kassel 1987, participation in international artist symposia. Visiting artist scholarships from, among others, Artists Unlimited Bielefeld, de Fabrik Eindhoven, Städtische Galerie Villingen-Schwenningen, Kulturpreis der Stadt Kevelaer 1992

Claus van Bebber could be seen and heard:
23.02. – 30.03.2014: Group Exhibition at Stadt-Galerie Ahlen
08.03. – 09.06.2014: Exhibition at DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel
07.09. – 05.10.2014: Exhibition at TextilWerk Bocholt



Other Artists:

Stephan Froleyks | Michael Nicke | Dino Steinhof