The Münsterland-wide sound art festival SOUNDSEEING 2023 starts with sound art interventions and performances by students of the Münster Art Academy, class Suchan Kinoshita. Here is the documentation of the exhibition in and at the Literaturmuseum Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck, Oelde from 25.03. – 30.04.23 with statements of the participating artists and interview curator Stephan Froleyks & Suchan Kinoshita, Professor Kunstakademie Münster.

Playlist on YouTube:
00:14 Micael Gonçalves Ribeiro & Henri Schlößer – umbauaufbauabbaueinbau.
00:31 Bastian Buddenbrock – hat I find good, I have a helmet with me / westfarlen
03:00 Alma Maiama Camara – from: Symphony in green, soft and pink
05:12 Leon-Maxim Lindner – language 1: heard set
06:30 Malin Schlebusch – performance “finger binding
06:37 Curator Stephan Froleyks & Suchan Kinoshita, Professor Kunstakademie Münster
08:41 Jenny Rommel – Performance “Dear Diary I Am A Slave 4 You
10:48 Micael Gonçalves Ribeiro – a aranha arranha a ra / a ra arranha a ra
12:38 Sophie Rebentisch – o.T. / Maxim and Spring / (title without words)

others: Marie Parohl – Metallurgical Consecration of a Magic Garden | Anja Mothes – Sculpture in Three Stanzas | Jan Prahm Miró – La La Landmaus

Camera: Sabine Herke, Bernhard Kils
Sound language 1: heard set: Leon-Maxim Lindner
Composing: herkewerke