Frederic Schröder

Light art & Sounds

Frederic Schröder offers various workshop formats for children and young people: Handicraft workshops with electricity, light and sound, light art workshops, multimedia staging of theatre and musical performances to talking solar-powered dustbins. Among other things, they created their own interpretation of the theremin, which is influenced by hand movement and light and thus opens up new creative possibilities. At the same time, it is so impressively simple that it can be set up with children.
With his company Light Art & Sound, he rents out event and media technology. For action artists:indoors, churches and exhibition spaces, he develops individual electronics, media technology and lighting concepts with special attention to precisely fitting function, professional implementation and simple operation.
Frederic Schröder is regularly on the road with his light art exhibitions and delights audiences with a mixture of creatively staged everyday objects, participatory actions and modern light and sound artworks.

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