LernWerk and LWL-Industriemuseum TextilWerk Bocholt

Industriestraße 5 | D 46395 Bocholt | +49 (0)2871 2522-18
ehemalige Weberei Textil-Werk Bocholt

In the course of the “Regionale 2016”, a new development area based on the rich textile tradition was created on both sides of the Bocholter Aa with the functions of housing, culture/education and textile industry. This also includes several bridges over the Aa, the connection in terms of content through the “Textile Gardens” as well as the establishment of the LernWerk with VHS, music school, young university, the cultural administration and more. Particularly exciting is a 300sqm annexe where the independent cultural scene will “let off steam”. In the centre are the two sites of the TextilWerk with the weaving mill and the spinning mill. In the carefully restored industrial monument, the past and present of textiles come alive. Special exhibitions provide insights into historical and modern technology, show fashion design and international textile art.

+ email: jule.wanders@bocholt.de
+ www.textilwerk-bocholt.lwl.org
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