Fine Kwiatkowski | Gandolfo Pagano Musik | Willehad Grafenhorst

The name MONDOLETTOSOTTOILCORVO is the combination of the three artists’ home addresses, mondoletto – world bed, sotto il corvo – under the raven.

Gandolfo Pagano is co-founder of several groups: Enterico trio, Nero Diaspora, trio soleil, Torba …
 Performances with, among others: Tim Hodgkinson, Fabrizio Spera, Tristan Honsinger, Eugene Chadbourne, Thomas Lehn, Mark Dresser, Tholem Mc Donas. Permanent member of the Sicilian Improvisers Orchestra

Willehad Grafenhorst – since the 2000s the focus of his work has been the production of interactive dance-video-music performances in the duo “cri du coeur” with Fine Kwiatkowski.
 Willehad Grafenhorst’s electronic music is created from the natural sounds of a stringed instrument, bass guitar, double bass balalaika or Hawaiian guitar, digitally processed with applications based on Pure Data software.

Fine Kwiatkowski lives in Berlin and Collesano in Sicily. Devoted to bodywork since the age of 4, she began the consistent development of her own movement language towards dance in 1980. IMPROVISATION has always been at the centre of her approach, in collaboration with artists from the genres of improvised and contemporary music, visual arts, film and drama. 
Fine Kwiatkowski danced in the GDR, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland until 1989.
 Since 1990 also in France, Austria, USA, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Sicily.

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