Concert performance | BLACK BOX at cuba-cultur Münster
Konzert Performance

Fine Kwiatkowski, dance | Gandolfo Pagano, music | Willehad Grafenhorst, music & video projection

MONDOLETTOSOTTOILCORVO blends the experiences of two musicians, raised in opposite regions of Europe. They met in 2018 in the Madonie region of Sicily and were surprised by the synergy they immediately felt. This gave birth to the idea of this project.
“musica molto interessante” (Battiti, RAI 3, 10/28/2021).
“… in the sound energetics of this music one senses the ruthlessness of this natural event, to which animal and human disturbances apparently cannot harm anything.” (Gisela Nauck, DLF, 4/24/2021)
Improvisation is a practice in which every action is brought about by listening to each other; this creates a dialogue. The musicians interact permanently, give impulses – every action is at the same time cause and effect of unforeseen developments that create real compositions.

Start: 8 p.m.
Venue: BLACK BOX at cuba-cultur | Achtermannstraße 10 | 48143 Münster
Admission: 12 € | reduced 6 €


+ www.cuba-cultur.de