DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst

Klosterstraße 10 | D 48477 Hörstel | +49 (0)2551 6942-0
Das ehemalige Kloster Gravenhorst ist heute das DA Kunsthaus

The former Cistercian convent is a historical site with a new context of use. Since 2004, an interdisciplinary programme has been offered here at the interface between art and communication. The KunstKommunikation project scholarship, exhibitions of contemporary art, light, sound and media art as well as idea workshops invite visitors to think, participate and experience. With guest artists, the scholarship programme and open art projects, the DA offers an experience-oriented approach to art education. DA means art – not as an ornamental accessory, but as research, play and critical discourse in a social context.

+ email: da-kunsthaus@kreis-steinfurt.de
+ www.da-kunsthaus.de
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