Paul Panhuysen am Hawerkamp

COFFEE TIME and EIGHT DOUBLE SUDOKUS is the first solo exhibition of works by Paul Panhuysen post mortem. The Münsterland-wide sound art festival SOUNDSEEING presents the pioneer of multimedia sound art from 12.05. to 04.06.23 in the exhibition hall at Hawerkamp, the unmistakably authentic cultural quarter of Münster. Paul Panhuysen has been influenced by the international Fluxus movement since the 1960s. As early as 1989, one of his spectacular long-string installations was shown at the back of the cuba in Münster. We have made a selection of the works that can be realised especially in the exhibition hall at Hawerkamp with his widow Hélène Panhuysen. The exhibition of his works, which are still current and influential today, is supported by the Panhuysen Estate and could be realised with the help of the ZKM – zentrum für kunst und medien karlsruhe.

Camera: Sabine Herke | Bernhard Kils
Sound: Paul Panhuysen
Composing: herkewerke

+ the artist Paul Panhuysen