The Münsterland-wide sound art festival SOUNDSEEING 2023 starts with sound art interventions and performances by students of the Münster Art Academy, class Suchan Kinoshita. Here is the documentation of the exhibition in and at the Literaturmuseum Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck, Oelde from 25.03. – 30.04.23 with statements of the participating artists and interview curator Stephan Froleyks & Suchan Kinoshita, Professor Kunstakademie Münster.

Playlist on YouTube:
00:14 Micael Gonçalves Ribeiro & Henri Schlößer – umbauaufbauabbaueinbau.
00:31 Bastian Buddenbrock – hat I find good, I have a helmet with me / westfarlen
03:00 Alma Maiama Camara – from: Symphony in green, soft and pink
05:12 Leon-Maxim Lindner – language 1: heard set
06:30 Malin Schlebusch – performance “finger binding
06:37 Curator Stephan Froleyks & Suchan Kinoshita, Professor Kunstakademie Münster
08:41 Jenny Rommel – Performance “Dear Diary I Am A Slave 4 You
10:48 Micael Gonçalves Ribeiro – a aranha arranha a ra / a ra arranha a ra
12:38 Sophie Rebentisch – o.T. / Maxim and Spring / (title without words)

others: Marie Parohl – Metallurgical Consecration of a Magic Garden | Anja Mothes – Sculpture in Three Stanzas | Jan Prahm Miró – La La Landmaus

Camera: Sabine Herke, Bernhard Kils
Sound language 1: heard set: Leon-Maxim Lindner
Composing: herkewerke

COFFEE TIME and EIGHT DOUBLE SUDOKUS is the first solo exhibition with works by Paul Panhuysen post mortem. The Münsterland-wide sound art festival SOUNDSEEING presents the pioneer of multimedia sound art from 12.05. to 04.06.23 in the exhibition hall at Hawerkamp, the unmistakably authentic cultural quarter of Münster. Paul Panhuysen has been influenced by the international Fluxus movement since the 1960s. As early as 1989, one of his spectacular long-string installations was shown at the back of the cuba in Münster. We made a selection of the works that could be realized especially in the exhibition hall at Hawerkamp with his widow Hélène Panhuysen. The exhibition of his works, which are still current and influential today, is supported by the Panhuysen-Estate and could be realized with the help of the ZKM – zentrum für kunst und medien karlsruhe.

Photos: Bernhard Kils

+ the artist Paul Panhuysen

Under the title „Schattenklänge“ Achim Vogel Muranyi and Peter Vogel Heritage present two interactive sound walls from different eras in the historic rooms of the former knight’s castle Vischering in Lüdinghausen. The analog sound wall “Rhythmic Sounds I” by Peter Vogel from the 1990s – an electronic wall installation with 18 light sensors – and the digital sound wall “Techno Soundwall” by Achim Vogel Muranyi from the present – a computer-programmed variant based on audio samples. Both sound walls are inspired by club and techno music and can be played intuitively – also by the audience.

Both artists are linked by a close collaboration. While the artist Peter Vogel, who died in 2017, laid the foundation of interactive sound-object art, Achim Vogel’s work can be seen as a logical further development. Differences as well as similarities are not only of a technical nature, they also reflect their own zeitgeist in terms of content, which is particularly clear in the juxtaposition of their sound walls.

+ the artists Peter Vogel & Achim Vobel Muranyi

COFFEE TIME und EIGHT DOUBLE SUDOKUS ist die erste Einzelausstellung mit Werken von Paul Panhuysen post mortem. Das münsterlandweite Klangkunstfestival SOUNDSEEING präsentiert den Pionier multimedialer Klangkunst vom 12.05. bis 04.06.23 in der Ausstellungshalle am Hawerkamp, dem unverwechselbar authentischen Kulturquartier Münster. Paul Panhuysen wurde seit den 1960er Jahren beeinflusst durch die internationale Fluxus-Bewegung. Bereits 1989 wurde eine seiner spektakulären Langsaiten-Installationen an der Rückseite des cuba in Münster gezeigt. Eine Auswahl der speziell in der Ausstellungshalle am Hawerkamp realisierbaren Arbeiten haben wir mit seiner Witwe Hélène Panhuysen getroffen. Die Ausstellung seiner auch heute noch aktuellen und einflussreichen Arbeiten wird vom Panhuysen-Estate unterstützt und konnte mit Hilfe des ZKM – zentrum für kunst und medien karlsruhe realisiert werden.

Kamera: Sabine Herke | Bernhard Kils
Sound: Paul Panhuysen
Composing: herkewerke

+ Der Künstler Paul Panhuysen

The sound installation ANTENNA by Floris Vanhoof captures the omnipresent electromagnetic waves and transfers them to small electromagnets that make the strings of a piano sound.

O-Ton Floris Vanhoof about ANTENNA:
“During a thunderstorm, while listening to classical music on the radio, lightning strikes became audible as cracks and pops. In this way, my interest in the presence of electromagnetic waves was awakened. These waves are always there, constantly penetrating the air, the walls, our bodies….
I built a VLF antenna to listen to this multitude of sounds of man-made communication channels, such as the beeping of weather balloons, but also the ongoing warfare. This infinite source of noise, even larger than the Internet, inspired me to explore and refine electromagnetic waves and combine them with the inherently incompatible medium of the wing.“

In cooperation with cuba-cultur and the city of Münster

Sound Art: Floris Vanhoof
Camera: Sabine Herke | Bernhard Kils
Composing: herkewerke